We provide Bible Studies in the church, in Sunday School classes, in Small Group settings, studies for men, women, teens and children. We try to understand the key needs people are facing and provide studies that will help them perservere in their journey. In recent times, we have had studies on financial stability for familes, men’s studies on sexual purity, women’s studies on stress and “busyness” in life, along with a number of other studies that are tailored to the group in which they are presented.

At Craigs Baptist Church…

bible_study…we consider the Bible to be equivalent of a Manufacturer’s Service Manual for mankind.  It is only in referencing this Service Manual we can know how to live life fully.  For that reason, we endeavor to make a variety of Bible Study options for our members and friends.

We would welcome the opportunity to hear of needs in your life that may be benefited by a tailored Bible Study.  Consider joining us for one of our Bible Studies!