The church is often referred to as the Body of Christ. When we say that, we are repeating a metaphor often used in the Bible. Like a body has hands and feet and eyes and ears, the church body also has different parts that play different roles. No part is unnecessary or unimportant, and the different parts are intended to serve the needs of the other parts.

At Craigs Baptist Church…

…when we talk about “ministry”, we are probably talking about serving one another within the body. You see — we often remind one another, “It’s not about us!”, but we also recognize the needs that exist within the body. While our purpose is to tell people who don’t know Jesus just how wonderful life is with Him, we must serve one another in that process.

In one place in the Bible, the author refers to metaphor of the church body and has a little bit of “fun” with the imagery. He calls the reader to imagine a whole body that is a head….causing you to wonder what you would do without feet.  …or a whole body which was an eye, which makes you wonder what you would do without ears.  Each part of the “body” that we call the church is important.

As people seek to become a part of our body, we introduce them to opportunities to look after the needs of the other members. These may include maintenance issues on the facilities, teaching a class, helping in the office….there are any number of items that may fall under our heading for “ministry”.  As opportunities for ministry arise, they will be posted on this page.